Saturday, 16 July 2011

Things are getting exciting.

So after a horrendous long week of work and no play i had a brilliant friday.
After finding out ill be able to work alongside an amazing photographer with a small internship in a amazing and beautiful studio in the city i was also asked to shoot a collection a dear friend has designed.
And to make matters even better me and my partner in crime have made it official, we are now collaborating as one. This seems confusing which i understand but basically we will be working side by side with all our shoots to hopefully create beautiful images with the input and ideas from two different points of view which i'm obviously over the moon about.
I got the idea from two photographers in american called mert&marucs whom work side by side to create beautiful fashion images, so now i'm going to post some brilliant inspiration and some of there work to get the creative blood flowing.

All of these are taken by Mert&Marcus and i don't even think i was able to do them justice but seriously have a little squiz on google, these men are gods.

Step two of this blog is more so about things i would cut my right arm of for right now, basically i'm constantly in this state of "that is amazing would anyone like to give me $5000 to buy it ?" Because i'm a pitiful art student and we never have any money (trust me, we don't)

                                                       Christopher Kane 2012 Resort.
I think the reason i am so baffled by this collection is because i actually wouldn't wear most of this (id wear those amazing maroon/purple/shiny pants on the far right and the dress second from the left for sure) but in all honestly i don't think i would be able to pull of a lot of this and as a result wouldn't wear it however that dose not stop the fact i want to own it. i want it to be in my closet so i can touch it and feel it and inhale it. And you know your good when you make clothing that someone wants to own with no desire and or intention of ever actually wearing. Bravo.

                                                           Marc Jacobs 2012 Resort
Florals getting sophisticated and serious, need i say more ? I would like the outfit second from the right, the floral dress after that and the red playsuit please. Anyone who would like to drop this of at my place as a gift for being such a great person give me a buzz and ill even buy you a coffee.

                                                     Proenza Schouler Resort 2012
I would eat my left arm for the dress and pant suit on the left, i am willing to eat my arm on camera, please someone buy this and make me eat my arm. 

                                                      Alexander Wang Resort 2012
I have a big soft sport for mr wang (i generally refer to him as Awang when alone). In my eyes the man can do no wrong he is blessed with a gift, the gift of making me want to spend lots of dollars on his creations and id say thats a pretty darn good gift to have. 

so now i have lost interest in blogging, ill keep this updated with how everything is going and i'm pretty excited about life right now.
smell you later !

Friday, 15 July 2011

All nostalgic and shit.

So i recently had a good friend post a picture i took of her on facebook and i realised how much i loved doing my HSC work and decided to post some pictures to make myself feel better about the fact my creativity has been none existent since starting uni holidays.

I basically took lots of rolls of film of girls in next to nothing (note i wanted to do the whole thing with total nudity but was told my work would be disqualified because the human body is obviously a hideous site.) Anyway this all came after the whole Bill Henson "scandal" which obviously played into my aesthetic alot but it was more about how for years in the fashion industry women have been used as a tool, a coat hanger if you will, for clothing so my aim was to make the dress show off the women instead of the other way around. Basically its all film, i sewed together every last photograph with a sewing machine and it took alot of prototypes but in the end i think its my favourite piece of work to date

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ode to an American.

This post is in direct response to my American (Australian born but well, she is American) friend's post regarding her new found (in the last two years...) love for her now home country Ausstraliaa. (that was pronunciation, not bad spelling).

So now that little introduction is done i have decided to direct my post to reasons i love her own country, America. (i would like to state i have not yet been to the US of A but this post is completely based on media coverage and obvious knowledge)

I would like to start with brilliant reality television because without it i would not be able to judge the American population subjectively, wife swap is a great example of this after spending hours of my life watching this program i think it is safe to say this may be the best reality television ever created. Obviously when watching wife swap i am watching from a purely physiological view point, as i obviously am only watching to study the human species (i also cant get over seeing raw-a-tarians, those who only eat raw food swapped with families whom only eat fried chicken nuggets and seeing little girls like this one being able to speak the local dialect of christian approved swear words.). But really, if i am surfing the crimson wave and need chocolate and reality television i would be dead without the American people and i thank them for years of hilarity.

The stupidity of American pronunciation kills me every time. When said friend even attempts to tell me about how "bolth of her parents...." i have to laugh, i have to point and i have to make her feel like an idiot. This although seemingly looks less like something i love and more like some what of an insult is in fact not an insult, i LOVE the American peoples ability to make me wet myself in everyday conversation.

Next would be the American past time of "dress your small child like a hooker and defend yourself with your Christian beliefs" This is another hilarity coming straight from the US of A, if i had a penny every time i saw an interview with a "pageant mom" (don't even get me started on the spelling of mum.) who was questioned as to whether she was worried that dressing her daughter in a bathing suit applying her with fake tan, extensions and contacts would either have an adverse effect on her self-esteem or/and make her more vulnerable to sexual predators and answered with "we are a good Christian family and if urrr lookin at ma ittle' gurl ike that then you have the problem not her"i would not be writing a blog from sydney, i would be using those pennies to travel the world and make fun of my American friend in person somewhere exotic.

The fact that in America you can hide pretty much anything behind religion, you want four wives ? no problem ! start an offshoot mormon religion, marry little girls ? not an issue ! we respect your right to do that because you wear funny looking clothes and keep to yourselves in utah. Now this post may seem fair enough until you uncover its contradictions a muslim woman in a shopping centre ? Must be a terrorist (exhibit A: i think ill rest my case before i get hate mail.

American obsession with fast foods and being large. Now you will need to understand i have been stereotyping this whole time, and again this is all based on media coverage and purely to take the piss out of my American friend, now that i have the niceties out of the way... HEEEYOOOHHH FATTY FATTY the American culture never ceases to make me feel good about my figure without them i would just be another average girl trying to bust her butt at the gym, but as soon as i turn to a good ol' foxtel channel and watch a show based on some fatty trying to give up 20 litres of coca-cola and 30 cheeseburgers a day while pumping iron at the gym it makes it seem that much more worth it.

i believe i have covered my main points, id also like to state that the friend in question is A) not a crazy American patriot B) Much to my disappointment neither a raw-a-tarian or only fried nugget eating individual C) Not a crazy Christian or part of a polygamist cult like religion, And D) Not a lard ass.

HOWEVER id also like to state she does say "Bolth" like a total idiot. But she has her perks, you can see them on her blog and laugh along with me here

Enjoy !

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cats go to carnival

for a photoshop assessment thing iv made a bunch of photo montage cats as victorian stereotype carnival freaks, enjoy !

 The Backward leg lady

 The Siamese twins

 The fat lady

The ring leader

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blast from the past

These are some photos i took in 2009 of my man and his car in the national park. I was feeling woodstock hippy vibes, and i printed them in the dark room which makes them special to me as the darkroom is my happy place. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The sky in Picton, NSW.

So i was olive picking at my significant others farm in Picton not last weekend but the one before. We came to the olive pressing ranch at the end of the day just as magic hour hit and i was blown away. Luckily i had my camera. 

China Town Series.

This was the first series of images i took for uni this year, The idea was street photography.
i'm still not completely thrilled with it but its a nice first post.