Friday, 15 July 2011

All nostalgic and shit.

So i recently had a good friend post a picture i took of her on facebook and i realised how much i loved doing my HSC work and decided to post some pictures to make myself feel better about the fact my creativity has been none existent since starting uni holidays.

I basically took lots of rolls of film of girls in next to nothing (note i wanted to do the whole thing with total nudity but was told my work would be disqualified because the human body is obviously a hideous site.) Anyway this all came after the whole Bill Henson "scandal" which obviously played into my aesthetic alot but it was more about how for years in the fashion industry women have been used as a tool, a coat hanger if you will, for clothing so my aim was to make the dress show off the women instead of the other way around. Basically its all film, i sewed together every last photograph with a sewing machine and it took alot of prototypes but in the end i think its my favourite piece of work to date

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